Write Near the Speed of Thought

Ring-Writer provides a natural, fluid and easy way to enter text on smartphones. Use Ring-Writer to let your words flow anywhere and anytime, especially when composing SMS or email messages.

The Ring-Writer pen-on-touchscreen based user interface is the missing "loop" for hand-held communications; this new system evolves mobile text entry beyond thumbing on numeric keypads or miniaturized keyboards.

The Ring-Writer system puts the art of writing back in your hand, using what we all learned first – a pen. Ring-Writer actually improves the pen, and because of its predictive word capability and easy to remember word-shapes. "Ring-writing" is a more powerful writing tool than a keyboard, hand-writing recognition software, or even pen on paper. Try the pilot version for free and see for yourself!

Please visit this site often for news, software updates and also to share your experiences and thoughts about Ring-Writer.

The Word on Ring-Writer

The Inner Circle
Ring-Write in your language! New version adds Finnish and Romanian to English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish and Swedish. Get v1.1.3 now for Nokia 7710 or Sony Ericsson P900/P910i.  More news.

Inquiries Welcome
Current development efforts for Ring-Writer focus on creating an integrated software system for hand-held devices. If you are interested in investing in this exciting technology, partnering with us to develop new hardware engineered around the Ring-Writer system or licensing our product, please contact us.

Download Ring-WriterGet the latest pilot version or upgrade for free. V1.1.3 adds Finnish and Romanian dictionaries!
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